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Terms and Conditions for NAI-LOK authorized distributor:
 NAI-LOK is looking for partners who possess industry skill, knowledge, and experience in selling fluid control products. Our goal is to develop and manage an international distribution network and a platform for the sales of NAI-LOK products. Anyone who is interested in becoming an authorized distributor is required to provide necessary information by NAI-LOK. Your information will be kept confidential within the NAI-LOK organization and only be used during the selection process.

As a NAI-LOK authorized distributor, you will enjoy the following benefits:

● Updates on the latest developed products;

● Free product training and technical support; 

● A certain number of  free Catalogs per year; 

Expected qualifications for potential NAI-LOK distributors:  

● Excellent sales team promising market

● Rich marketing experience in semi-conductor industry, petrochemical industry, bio-pharmaceuticals industry and vacuum system.

● Sound financial management and business development plans;

● Effectively receiving, storing and dispatching system. 

● Comply with NAI-LOK Credit Control Policy; 

● Minimum purchase amounts per year are required 

Anyone who meets the above qualifications and would like to mutually benefit from the cooperation with NAI-LOK, we are willing to hear from you soon. Please email to us by yiwei@nai-lok.com.cn to get application form and further communications. Do not worry, no information will be shared or disclosed to any third party entity. 

Thank you for your interest in joining us, We sincerely hope there will be cooperation between us in the future.

? Copyright 2016 NAI-LOK
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